Pink Fire Pointer Can You Hack the Stock Market and Make High Profit Doing It


Can You Hack the Stock Market and Make High Profit Doing It

                  Yes, you most definitely CAN "hack the stock market" and you can make incredible money doing so. BUT... before we go any further, I need to explain something important. The term "hack" takes on various meanings depending on the context. I want to be clear. I am NOT referring to doing anything illegal. I am not referring to unauthorized access of any kind or malicious intent of any kind. Further, I am not talking about doing anything unethical. So, what do I mean by "hack the stock market?" I am talking about a really exciting way to make far more money than the average investor by taking advantage of certain recurring patterns in the stock market. These recurring patterns make the price of certain stocks go down and then right back up again in very predictable ways. If you understand this process, you can make a lot of money buying these stocks when they are down and then selling them when they go back up. There are certain conditions that make certain stock move in a very predictable pattern - and THIS is the key to hacking. Some of these recurring patterns make stocks move just a little in price. However, there are a few recurring patterns (that are extremely predictable if you know where to look) that make the price of certain stocks go down VERY SIGNIFICANTLY and then very reliably go back up. You can almost guarantee a 40% return but in many cases you can achieve a much higher return than that. Very few people know about or understand these recurring patterns. This is because they are out of the mainstream of investing. Hacking the stock market involves an innovative approach to investing that takes advantage of these recurring patterns. While they aren't exactly a secret, your broker isn't going to tell about them either. This is because taking advantage of these recurring patterns does not involve the "traditional" ways of investing in the stock market that your broker is trained to do. Brokers almost never think outside the box. Here's the question that always comes up: Is there more risk involved? The short and completely honest answer is an emphatic "NO." In fact, if you take advantage of these recurring patterns in just the right way, you will actually LOWER your risk. This is one of the reasons I favor this method of trading to the traditional methods. However, the MAIN 3 reasons I like these hacks are: 1. I can make A LOT more money 2. I can make this money over a MUCH shorter period of time 3. These recurring patterns happen often enough that I can take advantage of them repeatedly. People who hack the stock market often take advantage of the predicted actions of certain institutional investors. I'm talking about people like large mutual fund managers and others "financial wizards" who follow certain "wall street rules" because of their size and overall strategies. I want to emphasize here that many of their actions are EXTREMELY predictable - which means you can profit from them. I want to give you a very simple example of what I mean. The margins are low but the pattern is extremely (almost iron clad) predictable. When one company acquires another company, it involves a process of several steps. At one point along this process, a price is agreed upon in writing. Company A will buy out Company B for a certain pre-agreed upon amount per share. For example purposes, let's say $10/share. If Company B's stock is trading at $8/share and you buy in at that price, you are guaranteed the stock price will rise to $10 once the merger is complete. The only thing that would prevent this is if the merger fell through so a smart investor who knows how to hack the stock market waits until the merger is virtually guaranteed before buying Company B stock - even if this means that they might get it a little cheaper if they bought as soon as the intended acquisition was announced. So, if you buy 1000 shares of Company B stock at $8/share and then sell at $10/share, you would make $2000 (minus fees of course which these days could be as low as $14). Not bad for a 99% risk free investment and certainly better than the 10% a year gains most wall street analysts consider "good." And... here's the thing. The method above is actually one of the less profitable ways to hack the stock market using predictable patterns and it STILL beats traditional investing by a long shot - especially considering that it usually takes far less than a year AND you can use this method repeatedly because acquisitions take place all the time. Here's the most profitable stock market hack [] I have found. It takes advantage of several extremely predictable patterns in the stock market and it involves a strategy with a very high profit margin.